21 April to 03 July 2017
“Misfits”: Pages from a Loose-Leaf Modernity Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany



An Introduction: Low Sze Wee Address of Art: Vicinity of Region, Horizon of History – Patrick D. Flores

  1. When Was Modernism? A Historiography of Singapore Art – Kevin Chua
  2. The 19th-Century “Origins” of Singapore Art – Kwa Chong Guan
  3. Colonial Art as a Space of the Asian Modern – John Clark
  4. The Javanese Painter Raden Saleh (c. 1811-1880): A Star in the Firmament of Indonesian Modern Visual Art – Marie-Odette Scalliet
  5. Towards a History of the Asian Photographer at Home and Abroad: Case Studies of Southeast Asian Pioneers Francis Chit, Kassian Cephas and Yu Chong – Gael Newton
  6. Pre-war (1886-1941) Art Activities of the Chinese Communityin Singapore through a Narrative Framework of Diasporic Bonds – Yeo Mang Thong
  7. A “Forgotten” Art World: The Singapore Art Club and its Colonial Women Artists – Yvonne Low
  8. Balinese Modernism – Adrian Vikers
  9. The Birth of Tine Art’ in Southeast Asia, 1900-1945 – Ushiroshoji Masahiro
  10. Conditions of Freedom, Contingencies of Art – Patrick D. Flores
  11. The Transition of Thai Traditional Art to Modern Art in the 1950s and 1960s – Somporn Rodboon
  12. Landscape Painting in Indonesia: Continuity and Change in President Sukarno’s Collection – Susie Protschky
  13. Conflict and Denial: The Discourse of Identity in Indonesian Art, 1950s-1980s – Aminudin TH Siregar
  14. Lim Hak Tai Points a Third Way: Towards a Socially Engaged Art by the Nanyang Artists, 1950s-1960s – Seng Yu Jin
  15. The Woman and the Vista: Intimate Revolt of the Cultural Left – Simon Soon
  16. Cultural Wars in Southeast Asia: The Birth of the Critical Exhibition in the 1970s – Seng Yu Jin
  17. Reading Conceptual Art in Southeast Asia: A Beginning – T.K. Sabapathy
  18. The Singapore Contemporary and Contemporary Art in Singapore – C.J.W.-L. Wee
  19. Continuity and Change: Vietnamese Art in the Age of Doi Mdi – Nora A.Taylor
  20. Unpacking the Legacy of an Exceptional Artist from Myanmar: Bagyi Aung Soe (1923-1990) – Yin Ker
  21. Emergencies: History and the Auto-Ethnographic Impulse in Contemporary Cambodian Art – Ashley Thompson
  22. Rhetorical Postures and the Photographic Condition: A Minor Malaysian Detour – Adele Tan
  23. Undoing the Global: Contemporary Art of Singapore – June Yap
  24. Drafting History: Meditation on Location, Institutions and Myth-Making in Visual Arts in Postcolonial Singapore – Venka Purushothaman
  25. Metonym and Metaphor, Islands and Continents: Reflections on Curating Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia – Lee Weng Choy